Mr. season Robot 3: A first unveiled extract!

Cinema 15 November, 2016

The creator of the series has unveiled an extract of season 3 of Mr. Robot! This scene is very close to the news, she reacted to the presidential election of Donal Trump.

usa-network-mr-robot-saison-2-season-finaleFor you too it is difficult to forget the tragic ending of the last episode? Welcome to the club of impatient! In recent weeks, we know when will air Season 3 Mr. Robot , and it will have to wait several months for how to be concluded final cliffhanger. New episodes are in production, but filming has stopped anyone to follow the news of the world or to vote … The creator of the show Sam Esmail took the time to respond to the presidential election of Donal Trump through a scenario extract leaked on the web . It was on Twitter that the showrunner published this stage of the script of Season 3 of Mr. Robot, can no longer be linked to the news. It is very explicit and puts Elliot location and Krista psychologist.
The series aired on USA Network has always enjoyed close as possible to reality. If this message is to be taken with a minimum of humor and at the same time very seriously, it is likely that this scene is actually integrated into the show . In terms of translation: Elliot sits in front of his psychologist, Krista. KRISTA: “I already asked you this and you never answered I would like you to answer this time What disappoints you as much in our society..?” ELLIOT: “Oh, that’s easy Donald Trump has just been elected President of the United States..” Krista thought for one second, then nods. KRISTA: “No false” ‘. The last episodes have created lots of questions, now we wait to see what will happen in Season 3 of Mr. Robot ! And you, do you want this scene to be included in future episodes?