Mulan: 5 Things You Did not Know About Disney Cartoon

Cinema 27 February, 2017

While waiting for the new version planned for 2018, melty offers you to plunge back into the original cartoon and discover 5 things you did not know about!
As we get ready to rediscover the adventures of Beauty and the Beast in the movies with Emma Watson in the title role, another Disney Princess will appear on the big screen next year: Mulan, the Chinese warrior capable To break an army of Huns to herself! As much as to say that at the editorial of melty, we are rather excited by this news, because Mulan is undoubtedly part of our favorite Disney princesses . One, because it is the most badass, and two, because if she falls obviously in love with Shang, she remains an independent woman, who does not need men or marriage to succeed, as It proves it to the whole of China at the end of the cartoon. In addition, it will be directed by a woman, Niki Caro , History of being feminist to the end. One more reason to wait impatiently for this adaptation live action! That said, it is still much more than a year before singing at the top of the lungs “Like a man” in cinemas. So in the meantime, we thought it would be nice to make you discover 5 things you did not know about the original cartoon!
1) Mulan’s story is inspired by a folk song . Yes, you heard right. The cartoon is based on a popular song from the Northern Wei Dynasty, entitled “Mulan’s Stroll,” which sings the praises of a woman who disguises a man and poses as a soldier for nearly twelve years. At the end of the war, she simply returned home, refusing any reward.
2) Originally, the general was not Shang’s father . But they finally decided to change that affiliation to give Mulan more emotional weight . Like the heroine, Shang seeks above all to make the pride of his father and this is what gives him a touching touch.
3) The directors invited themselves into the cartoon . In the tower of the fireworks , at the end of Mulan , one can see two characters who have everything but the features of Chinese. It is actually the caricature of the film’s directors, Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook .
4) Mulan and Aladdin have something in common . Finally, Mulan and Jasmine more exactly. Yes, if you re-listen to the songs of the film, you will notice a rather similar tone of voice between the Arabic princess and the Chinese heroine. It’s normal, it’s the same singer who makes their voices: Lea Salonga! And that’s not all, since it is also the same actress who doubles their voices in French, Valerie Karsentin ( LOL, Babysitting 2 )!
5) It is the cartoon Disney that has the most deaths. Yes, if Disney clearly traumatized us with the death of Mufasa in The Lion King , or that of the mother of Bambi for the most sensitive, and other dead again, the carnage is not really the trademark of The house with big ears. Except for Mulan , who is a real hecatomb because of the Huns. We do not know the exact number of deaths, but we can bet on a good hundred.
Finally, little bonus, did you know that a locust is normally endowed with 6 legs whereas in Mulan, it has only 4? And that’s precisely why Mulan’s grandmother says he’s lucky! So, did you imagine that?