Mulan: A major change for the Disney Live-Action

Bad news for fans of Disney Mulan, big changes are expected for the film scheduled for 2018.
“The Flower that flourishes in adversity is the most beautiful and rarest of all” … Mulan will be back in the dark rooms in 2018 in a Disney live-action currently in production. Yes, Mickey’s house has a very busy schedule for the next few years and while the Disney live-action The Beauty and the Beast will be released on Wednesday in the dark rooms and already made a box at the American Box Office, Other classics of our childhood are offering themselves a new youth like Dumbo , The Lion King or Mary Poppins . Regarding the live-action Mulan ,
It was the director himself who confirmed the information by saying: “From what I understand , there will be no songs, which is the misfortune of my children . ” As they are understood! Mulan would not have been the same heroine without the songs “Reflection” , “Like a Man” or “A beautiful girl to love” and we are curious to know the reason behind this decision! We are still waiting to know which actors and actresses will be chosen to play the main characters and even if Jennifer Lawrence had been announced in the role of Mulan , there is a good chance that the actress chosen is of the same origin

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