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Entertainment 25 January, 2018


On the 14th of next march, it will mark the current cinema. Mylène Farmer will be in effect at the poster for Ghostland, Pascal Laugier, 25 years after his role in Giorgino by Laurent Boutonnat. Last may, she had delivered to Gala his first impressions post-filming.

The first lines of the synopsis of Ghostland announced the color : “Following the death of his aunt, Pauline and her two daughters inherit a house. But from the first night of the murderers entering the house…” the mother of A vulnerable family, a childhood under threat, an old house… The perfect ingredients to make up the mayonnaise from the anguish.

In the lead role, Mylène Farmer continues to swim in this fantastic universe and dark, his trademark since its beginnings. Last may, we met her and discussed with her his memories of the filming. She confided especially to do so “always the same nightmare; Pascal Laugier, the director, who is pursuing me relentlessly with his camera through the corridors of the house of the film.”This producer, Mylène Farmer knows well, because he made his clip City of Love in 2015. Spotted by Christophe Gans, who had entrusted the making of his film, the Pact of The wolves, he himself had cited in his references to the work of Laurent Boutonnat, composer and producer history for Mylène Farmer.

In the film, the singer who made his big return to the movie plays a mother, the role of composition for the one who has not had children: “it was a challenge, but I finally tackled a pretty natural, instinctive”. She says that she keeps a memory box of his “girls on screen”. Mylène was also in his country of birth, Canada, which gave him “great emotion”: “I have found the home of my childhood, in Pierrefonds. I was able to rediscover the interior, the garden… I am also back in my first school.”

Mylène Farmer is estimated that there are over “insurmountable boundaries between genres, and the singer passed by the Cours Florent, where she met Vincent Lindon – would have been able to make a career as an actress. Ghostland , in cinemas on 14 march, should prove that she can still. Why not?

Interview by Thomas Durand

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Mylène Farmer

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