Nabilla and Thomas: A new reality TV secretly in preparation?

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

Would lovers make us custody?
If nabilla benattia is unobtrusive early this year, it could be, however, that the girlfriend of Thomas Vergara exiled in London us some surprises for 2017. On the occasion of the reissue (pocket size) of his success in autobiography Too fast, The young woman added a few lines to her book in order to talk about her professional projects …
Let it be known, it may well be that our lovebirds appear in their own TV show this year. ” With Thomas, I work in a broadcast on TNT where we footbridges worldwide, small torque travelers without anything fancy, just very eager for discoveries ,” wrote Nabilla without getting more specific at this time. Besides this project that are seemingly ambitious, the bomb 24 years would see ” animate a cooking show ” (similar to Elodie Gossuin ?) But also ” review from time to time, play, try, go where you invite me . ”
Outside the media, Nabilla account also continue to become a true businesswoman, in particular with its brand “Nabilla” through which it wants to offer different products: ” Gloss, cosmetics, dental bleaching, tea (…) controlling quality . “Of course.