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Entertainment 7 August, 2017


While rumors of separation are spreading like wildfire, Nabilla takes the floor, reaffirming his love for Thomas Vergara.

This is a yet another twist in the love story between Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara. A few days ago the young man would have confirmed their separation to the magazine Non-Stop People. It is on the filming of their new reality tv show, which is taking place in Australia, that the couple would have put an end to five years of tempestuous relationship, marked by the famous story of the knife and the stay of the young woman in prison, in 2014. Barely a year after they met on the plateau of the Angels of reality tv.

But as always, nothing is simple between those two. For proof, the young woman comes to deny the information, posting a photo of her and her companion during a romantic dinner date, accompanied by a long message. “Despite the rumors that it has had on our couple, yes I can confirm we have had different but we love each other more than anything with Thomas, we lived an adventure extremely difficult that we had during a period ruled out because we were no longer on the same wavelength and very far from our usual comfort, but I don’t like to let people talk about my private life and my relationship that I have built for the past five years, I think that in a couple there are sometimes ups and downs but as long as there is love there is hope”, is justified.

Difficult to follow this couple’s passion which bursts and reconciliations follow one another so rapidly that they give the dizzy. Following the next kiss languid, or the next bucketful.

Photo credit : Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Getty

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