Nabilla: His brother Tarek sued …

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

The young man soon heard!
Nabilla (24), which accumulates in time projects , will have to support his younger brother Tarek!
As our colleagues in the magazine Closer come to write in their pages, the young man of 20 years is being prosecuted for “breach of trust”. As a result, Tarek Benattia will have to appear before the Correctional Court of Aix-en-Provence on May 23 as a defendant.
What exactly is he reproached for? The former participant inAngels 8 of NRJ12 is accused of never having made a luxury watch, the Louis Vuitton brand, worth 3950 euros, paid by a Yanis S. This “borrowing” would date of 30 October 2015. Recall that Tarek Benattia is presumed innocent of the facts alleged against him.
Far from being worried about his social networks, Tarek Benattia has obviously not commented on this case at the moment … The young man preferred to publish a declaration of love for his mother Tuesday 10 January. ” This is the person who has been there for me since my first breath, she never judged me, she always believed in me, she forgave me when I made mistakes. Despite the ups and downs, this is my most beautiful encounter on this planet and I know when she’s gone, it will never be the same, she never abandoned me and always believed in me. I love you mom! “he “He said.