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Entertainment 10 January, 2018


Nabilla has made the promotion of a website offering training for the investments in the cryptomonnaies, including the Bitcoin. His fans have been alerted to the dangers of such investments.

“Darlings, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Bitcoin, this kind of new virtual currency. (…) Even if you knew nothing, it allows you to earn moneywithout investing a lot, ” begins Nabilla. In his “story” in Snapchat, the starlet selling the merits of a website “learn how to use the Bitcoin” , she explains. Listening to him, it is a real bargain : the site is “really safe”, swears the former candidate for reality tv, with at its head the two traders who were already (on bitcoin) there is a time”. “Nothing to lose” and “it’s free”, promises Nabilla. She even invites its subscribers to send the code “Nabilla” on the account Facebook of the site in private message to have all the necessary information.

This site is TraderLeBitcoin, a platform co-founded by Roman Bailleul, as the informs Contacted by the media, it clarifies the about Nabilla : the site does not provide advice but rather a training to those who are interested in the cryptomonnaies as the Bitcoin, as well as “plans”. To access it, you must either subscribe for 6 months for 549 euros, or open an account with eToro, a partner CFD broker converted to cryptomonnaies “, further explains

Alerted by internet users, the AMF, the French financial markets Authority, was keen to warn on the investments in the Bitcoin via a message on Twitter. “Nabilla, the Bitcoin is very risky ! One can lose his entire bet. No investment miracle. Stay away. “can it be read.

#Nabilla #Bitcoin is very risky ! One can lose his entire bet. No investment miracle. Stay away.

— AMF (@AMF_actu) January 9, 2018



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