Nabilla: Thomas embarked by the police in Geneva, the explanation

Entertainment 24 December, 2016

Thomas Vergara, the companion of Nabilla, was arrested by the Geneva police. Tele-Loisirs has investigated and gives us the true version of the facts.
Decidedly, the couple Nabilla / Thomas will begin to know the world of police. Indeed, the couple again got into trouble with the forces of order. Yet the “affair” of the knife now seems very far and the couple is focusing on serious projects. Nabilla could play in Orange Is The New Black, Netflix has responded to this rumor . The star of reality TV in France would then join one of the most popular series in the United States. For his part, Thomas opened his first restaurant. The judicial troubles seem therefore forgotten for the glamorous couple. However, the two former candidates of the Angels still had worries with the police …
Just a few months Nabilla and Thomas Vergara were arrested by police in Las Vagas . This time, it was in Geneva that the young man was embarked by the forces of order this Friday. According Closer , it’s because of a new heated argument the couple was arrested by police. But after the denial of the two involved in social networks, Tele-Loisirs conducted its investigation. And according to the magazine, the couple has been detained by police, but not because of a dispute. Youth have molested the two stars in a store before Thomas gets angry against them . The police then arrested Thomas and Nabilla who were outside the hotel Four Seasons . A new tile for one of the most sulphurous couples of the moment … What do you think of this new “business”?