Nagui, about the Telethon, “I am not the same man as before”

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

Nagui co-present this Friday the 30th edition of the Telethon, with Sophie Davant. An event that runs for twelve years, and who taught him life lessons.

naguiSince 2004, Nagui is part of the great family of the Telethon. With Sophie Davant , he hosts the party every year, and never tires of an event that is known to be both festive, charity and strong emotions. ” This word [Telethon, note] should not be stuck that ‘the disease, even if families want to know where researchers are, and want to testify ,” he explains in an interview with Le Figaro .
Friday, December 2, the show celebrates 30 years, the opportunity for the presenter, to reconsider everything she brought him. He says: ” I remember the lesson that ‘gave Pelat Jeanne, a young girl with muscular dystrophy. She told the microphone that it n ‘still had not put his name on disease, this kind of monster, but that ‘ s it was worried over that happening to other children that ‘in itself. As a father, I have done the transfer, I ‘ve wanted to cry in front of this injustice. C ‘was a life lesson. ” For this father of four children (Nina, 18, Roxane 11, Annabel, 7 and Adrien, 3 years) , the Telethon transforms those who invest. ” It is not unscathed Telethon , he believes. I’m not the same man that front. ”
This year is the singer Garou again sponsoring the event . He also has said he expected to ” be transformed ” by the experience. Last year, 93.9 million euros had been harvested … Teams in the 30th edition hoping this time exceed the symbolic threshold of 100 million.