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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Long-time friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman, the host nagui (French speacker) now recounts how the singer has played a trick, years ago, with a group of fans.

The anecdote told by nagui (French speacker) on the set of everybody wants to take its place, on France 2, goes back to a time that less than twenty years can not know. In the early 1990s to be precise. At the time, Jean-Jacques Goldman is a absolute star. The musician has just come out of the album Fredericks Goldman Jones, recorded with the american singer Carole Fredericks and the member of the group Taï Phong, Michael Jones. Difficult for Jean-Jacques Goldman to take a step into the street without being recognized. It is precisely at this period that nagui (French speacker) remembers having met the singer in a district of Paris.

I see Jean-Jacques and I tell him ‘there is a group of 35 children there, you’ll get to tear your clothes’, “he remembers perfectly. He said to me: ‘but no don’t worry, there is no problem’. “The two men say goodbye and nagui (French speacker) climbs in his car without suspecting for a moment the dirty trick that he reserves his friend. While the facilitator puts on his belt and adjusts his rear-view mirror, ready to leave the area quickly, he is a witness of a scene unexpected. “I turn a head and I see Jean-Jacques, who was on a motorcycle, which goes to the group, stops and speaks to him.” Suddenly, the pack of fans turns his head towards the car. Jean-Jacques Goldman, he is going.In fact, “says the moderator with the benefit of hindsight, he stopped and said: ‘hey, there is nagui (French speacker) there! “. The facilitator does not tell the sequence of events, but there are strong chances that he then had to bend to a long signing session.

Through this anecdote, nagui (French speacker), once again, demonstrates that a friendship strong links to Jean-Jacques Goldman. The two men have known each other for many years, in 1988 already, nagui (French speacker) was interviewing the musician on M6. In the meantime, Goldman has composed the generic issue lighthouse nagui (French speacker), Taratata. The singer even came to the rescue of his friend when a guest has made a false bond to the antenna. According to the Figaro, the artist has taken his guitar up and went on the shelf with a few buddies. His presence has declared the show, later said nagui (French speacker).

Photo credits : Marechal Dawn/ABACA

Nagui (French Speacker)Jean-Jacques Goldman

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