Nagui: his wife, Melanie Page, declares his love

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

On the occasion of an interview with our colleagues at Télé Loisirs , Mélanie Page Nagui sharing of life for over ten years took the opportunity to make it a nice declaration of love.

nagui-et-sa-femme-melanie-pageIt is a rare moment. Nagui and his wife Melanie Page are public figures happy, married, parents and remain very discreet about their privacy . Rare are the times when the couple sets out his love in the media. Yet just a few months, viewers of France 2 have witnessed a surge of tenderness between the presenter and actress. Mélanie Page came on the set of the show remember the words the promotion of his play The lucky winner . Experience above all unique for her. “I was a little nervous anyway, because it’s not my job to sing. Added to this the fact of having to find the words, ” said Melanie in the columns of Télé Loisirs .
Stage fright did not stop to exchange a tender kiss with her husband, a sequence that had stirred the Internet . In a recent interview with our colleagues, Melanie Page is back on this moment and took the opportunity to praise her husband. She says: “Me, I believe in love because it’s been that I love so I have no doubt. It’s been 16 years we’ve been together so our relationship is not a secret ” . The woman Nagui continues “we do not want to spread our privacy, what happens at home, but kissing on the mouth, a priori when it’s 16 years we’ve been together, it’s a something is being done. Frankly, it was funny ” .
The leader who shares something in common with Stéphane Bern and Patrick Sébastien will certainly be affected by these sweet words. According Here , Nagui also proclaimed his love for Melanie to Paris Match : “I do not plan to spend a night without it. (…) We do not support to be one without the other. ”
Between these two, that’s for sure, there is only love!