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Entertainment 22 January, 2018

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In solidarity with women around the world, victims of sexual assault, the actress Natalie Portman has shared his experience. Words that are cold in the back…

It was one of the speeches the most glaçants of the Women’s March, which broke the asphalt of Los Angeles, this 20 January. After being dressed in black in the last Golden Globes, Natalie Portman has once again supported the movement Time s Up, that fight against sexual harassment in all settings, taking the floor on a dais. Behind his microphone, the actress, who is usually stingy with intimate confessions, is back on his early trauma andits hypersexualization, after the release of the film Leon, in 1994.

At the time, she was only 13 years old. Three years earlier, she was spotted in a pizzeria, by a talent scout from the brand Revlon. It will do a bit of modeling, but dreams mostly of the cinema. Luc Besson fell in front of his face, during the hearings he is planning for his new feature film. Matilda, an orphan who makes his humanity the hitman Leon, played by Jean Reno, this will be it. Actress Liv Tyler had the preference of distributors, the age of Natalie is somewhat problematic, but Besson wins the case.

Between the thriller and the love story, platonic, the film was a popular and critical success. The trouble begins for her heroine…

A crank sends him a letter, in which he conjures up the worst abuse. ” All excited, I opened my first letter from a fan, and he was a man who scénarisait a fantasy of rape “, said the actress, now 36 years of age, to L. A. Almost worse : at the exit of Leo, a radio count down the days until his majority, and his dépucelage legally. Even in the behind the scenes of Hollywood, the looks become twisted on its passage. “The critics referred to my budding breasts in their articles,” is still remembered, the interpreter of Mathilda…

“In the Face of these comments on my body, with statements that are intentionally threatening, I adapted my behavior to escape the terrorism of a sexual ambient, said Natalie Portman. I quickly realized, despite my 13 years, that show my sensuality would be a danger, that she would encourage the men àm’objectifying. “

Concretely, as she continued, Natalie Portman was re-invented in ” bookworm “, ” girl from the prudish and conservative “, refused to accept the roles stripped away from the same studios to resume his studies.

“I felt the need to cover my body, smoothing my attitude and me to restrain him in my work so that the world can hear my message and understand that I deserved to feel safe and to be respected,” concluded the actress, who is very involved in the protection of children. Edifying…

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