Nathan traps Fremont, what will happen next week on France 3?

Cinema 7 January, 2017

At the beginning of the year the colocation of Plus Belle La Vie is discreet but some members are ready to do anything to make 2017 an exceptional year.
With the end of the investigation into the death of Cyril and Mitya, the roommates of Plus Belle La Vie lived a particularly turbulent year end. Between the ghost of Cyril seen by Nathan, removal of Sabrina, his break with Julien and the death of Mitya, a roommate of the mistral will remember for a long time its Christmas 2016. Now that this crazy plot is over, Nathan and Funny ladies found a little calm in their apartment. However financially it is likely to become complicated for our preferred roommates because there are only four to share the rent. The search for a new roommate is essential unless Sabrina wins the lottery …
In fact, next week on France 3 the young waitress Mistral will put the odds on his side to win the amazing jackpot lotto Friday 13. Sabrina will create a grid of love for his friends based on The figures related to their love life. If one of the grids is winning, Sab ‘will keep the bonus for it. Not crazy, wasp! Nathan will take the opportunity to play Charles Frémont a bad turn. Will one of the Mistralians win the incredible sum involved? Answer in a few days. In the meantime, we invite you to discover some spoilers about Clem , another French series aired now on TF1.
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