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Entertainment 19 January, 2018

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That is really Brigitte Macron ? His friends, including Stéphane Bern and Bernard Montiel, the question has been answered for VOD. The narrative is very complimentary for the first lady, who is adorned with many good qualities.

The friends of Brigitte Macron are full of praise on the first lady. In a paper published by VSD, they are banging on the door to praise the qualities of the wife of Emmanuel Macron, who is anything but a “trophy wife” service, according to Bernard Montiel, which is part of the family interviewed. “It is at the service of her husband while being independent,” explains Stéphane Bern, very close to the presidential couple. It is a base, a energy for him. And there is no room between them for the thickness of a sheet of cigarette paper. “

Brigitte Macron in fact so much to Emmanuel Macron. ” She is also a coach, repetiteur, mistress of the agenda, the hunter of heads, spin doctor “, specifies to VOD Maëlle Lebrun, the author of Bridget Macron, the postage (edn of the Archipelago), an unauthorized biography, which was not particularly appreciated at the Elysée palace.

Beyond her relationship with her husband, Brigitte Macron would also be an example of humility and thoughtfulness. “She listens to others, cares about them, ensures Stéphane Bern.Never pedantic or ramenarde, despite its immense culture. And when she sees that a female dignitary is withdrawing from her husband, she approached her, ask her questions “.

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