Nekfeu and Shay validated by Lartiste, he tells us all in interview

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

Lartiste confided in melty by saying what he was listening to right now. His playlist will surely make you kiffer!
A few days ago, Lartiste disembarked in the premises of melty for a live with Terry and an excluded interview. Between the release of her album Clandestino on 9 December and received platinum for its project Maestro , we had lots of questions for him! So in addition to being returned to his clash with La Fouine that erupted a few months ago ( at the output of precisely Maestro ) The artist also gave us a glimpse of his playlist of the moment. For those who wondered what pieces could be found in his phone, we finally have an answer. So no we do not find La Fouine apparently, but we find quite a lot of cool things!
When asked to Lartiste he listened lately, he explained: “At the moment I listen a bit like everyone else, new emerging Last Nekfeu, I liked his project. . ” In addition to validating Cyborg, The artist added: “And also i like Shay, I know why I hang of relief Initially when I saw it happen in the label Booba I was not necessarily more satisfied than that. , I will not lie to you, but here, with these titles, with the positioning she took … It’s cool, it’s sunny, it’s a beautiful black, that’s good. It creates variety so I like it. ” We can only validate all this in our turn! Just like Rohff, The artist shows that he is open to new rappers . And you, what are you listening to now?