Nekfeu, Booba, PNL: Top 10 of the best punchlines of 2016

Entertainment 31 December, 2016

From Nekfeu to PNL via Booba or Kaaris, discover our Top 10 punchlines of the year!
10 – “Better to be hard of the leaf than soft branch”, Seth Gueko
After Professor Punchline released in 2015, today lives in Pathong rapper was back this year with the excellent album Barlou (it was also interviewed for the occasion). Fitter than ever, Seth Guex ‘loose it all a crazier bunch of punchlines as each other. That was especially successful outcome above the track “Vynil & k7” , which made us laugh in the editorial ‘. If you are fond of this kind of play on words, throw yourself on the skeud: it is truffled from the beginning to the end.
9 – “My father gave you his health, I am there for the addition”, SCH
SCH (who just released the video for 6.45i) is best known for ego-trip. But it is much appreciated, but also because it can deliver shocking texts, like the one written for “Himalaya” , song from his album Anarchy . With this punch, he puts us in direct. For those who do not know, hang on: you do not emerge unscathed.
8 – “Looking to the wall, each of us can imagine another”, Despo Rutti
With Majster , DESPO RUTTI certainly out one of the most fascinating rap albums of the year 2016. Both super paranoid (which led him to “clashing” Maitre Gims, who replied to our micro ) but extremely lucid, Despo is engaged as a rapper never had done before. Sometimes indigestible, the album is accompanied by a few nuggets, as the title “In the eyes” , which addresses a subject for the less sensitive (doggy) with subtlety. With particular this unstoppable finding made in the punchline above.
7 – “I feel renoi, jewish, white, rebeu and noichi, never I will choose the color of emoji”, Nekfeu
In his surprise album Cyborg (part of the best French rap albums of the year we thought) , Nekfeu addresses the consequences of internet and new technologies on our daily lives, especially in the very good “Augmented Reality” which is drawn The above punchline. And where it reaffirms at the same time its position of anti-racism.
6 – “I have my sweatshirt from Dortmund, I made bread I have not put on Gucci”, Jul
Everything Jul (whose latest album a hit as always) is summarized in this punch ‘, as found in the song “Maria Maria” in the Ghetto feat Phenomenon: the guy has the means to buy a whole Gucci store , But no, he prefers to put on a football. Simplicity to its extreme.
5 – “Walkin ‘, livin’ legend, man I feel like kobe”, Kanye West
In this title with feat Schoolboy Q, Kanye drops a verse from elsewhere, beginning with the brilliant “ok, ok, ok, ok, ok” , and ends with the sentence above, in reference to the famous Kobe Bryant basketball player. A punch ‘that marked everyone, and has even become a logo for sweaters brand Kanye (who was recently released from the hospital).
4 – “I’ll cramer you to the whole world, grilled, I’ll show you Serge Aurier”, Damso
In the intro to the album Low Battery , Belgian rapper made a small reference to the setbacks experienced by the footballer Serge Aurier on Periscope , when he attacked his coach and some of his teammates. Not sure that the principal interested too enjoyed the joke …
3 – “You are worth nothing, like a selfie of the cat to Laure Manaudou”, Booba
The name-dropping, b2o loves it. Just listen to his last song, Daniel Sam, in which he attacks his rivals Kaaris and Patrice Quarteron. Last May, it was with his punch ‘on Laure Manaudou in the title “Salside” he was controversial. Somewhat upset by the valve, swimmer reacted on social networks, before the B2O had explained on the set of TPMP.
2 – “I hold my baby in my arms, I count my bundles, I think of the solitude of Lacrim”, Kaaris
In our interview, Kaaris returning to the origin of this punchline, which can be heard on the excellent “Nador” . Here, K double A dedication to his friend Lacrim, who was still locked up in prison at the time, and who has since been released. A new proof that in rap, one does not spend his time to clasher.
1 – “Before I was ugly in tess’, now I please to Eva Mendes”, NLP
With this punchline taken from the title “DA” , PNL (who also delivered one of the best albums this year we think) managed to bring up to date the saying “money makes beautiful”. All 2016 is summed up in a few words: through this sentence Ademo and NOS highlight the evils of our time, where money is more than ever glorified, and where the smallest sign of success makes us immediately more attractive . Strong. Do you agree with that? What is the best punchline of 2016, according to you?