Nekfeu: Cyborg certified double platinum disc in only seven weeks!

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

Cyborg of Nekfeu has just been certified double platinum in just seven weeks. Discover his phoney sales figures!
If Nekfeu recently been validated by The artist , his audience has long been validated. His first solo album Fire had card with the general public in 2015 and his work with the S-Crew , 1995 and Entourage were also allowed to grant him a certain notoriety in the world of French rap. A few weeks ago, Nekfeu came out live in the mythical AccorHotels Arena, a surprise album called Cyborg. Today, it was certified double platinum in just seven weeks . What does that mean ?
And well it means that one of the favorite rappers of the French actually exceeded the 200,000 sales for his last album. In just seven weeks, Cyborg of Nekfeu has sold more than 203,174 copies, accounting for physical copies, streaming but also those for legal download! Rewarded for his hard work, Nekfeu gets another reward for his second solo album. If we are already wondering what surprises we will reserve the S-Crew during their tour , we imagine that it should be up to our expectations for the multiple talents that made them. What do you think of this new personal record set by Nekfeu?