Nekfeu: Damso gives his opinion on his album Cyborg

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

The new album of Nekfeu put everyone in agreement, even Damso, the protégé of Booba, who said that good.
While 2015 saw the emergence of guys like Niska, PNL, SCH or MHD, in 2016, Damso was without a doubt the biggest revelation of the year on the French rap side. With its ultra hardcore lyrics and incredible flow, the young Belgian rapper poses as true heir to Booba, who also “signed a couplet” on 92i, the label that brings Benash, Kalash or Shay (that we interviewed this week) . But despite all its qualities, it will probably wait a bit for it to enjoy the popularity of a Nekfeu for example, currently a hit with his new album Cyborg , and Damso appears to be well Appreciated.
“I’ve been listening to a chronicle of a guy, I do not know what his name is, I was on too many stuff at the same time, but he looks good, I have not listened yet, looks good. It has many feats I think. I liked the concept unveil during his Bercy ” says Damso, in this interview with our colleagues I can not live without music . Words that should certainly please Nekfeu which he, on his side, flew to Los Angeles where he should probably record new music. The question now is how to project a new album with 1995? A new skeud with the S-Crew? A new solo opus? We should probably know more in the weeks to come. And you, what do you think of Cyborg, Nekfeu’s new album?