Nekfeu in Los Angeles, a big project in preparation?

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

Would Nekfeu have gone to the other side of the world to find inspiration? He just made a nice announcement on his Twitter account.
When we told you that 2017 would be a great year for music, we were not lying to you! If Jul, currently enjoying a well earned break, already heavy tease for the next few months , know that it is far from the only one. While he has just unveiled its album Cyborg surprise, we are told in the atrium that Nekfeu already tafferait on a new project . This is in any case what he implied in a tweet. No panic for those who do not have Twitter or still in year 40 and do not understand (promised, we do not judge you) , it explains everything. After leaving Japan, Norway and Portugal, the interpreter of “Bad Seed” continued its route towards the USA. Luggage posed in Los Angeles, the rapper took two minutes to make you a little dream.
Nekfeu landed on Twitter casually by tweeting: “Direction Los Angeles, it will Taffer on serious things .. ???? # SeineZooRecords” What’s better than this message to start the day? Now, impossible not to ask 3680 questions. Is he preparing the tour long awaited $ -Crew away from it all? Is he leans on the album in 1995 it promises a few months? Or on new texts for a third solo album for example? Impossible to know, he will just have to arm himself with a little patience and wait till he deigns to say more. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted! In your opinion, what does he cook?