Nekfeu joins Deen Burbigo in Planet Rap for Dreams

Entertainment 3 April, 2017

When Nekfeu joins Deen Burbigo in the Skyrock Studios for his Rap Planet, it sends inevitably heavy. The proof in video !
In full promotion for his first album Grand Cru , Deen Burbigo confessed in interview that the success of Nekfeu put the pressure to him . His sales figures can be intimidating, one can understand. The rappers met a decade ago when neither had yet broken through the middle. From rap contenders to today, the two artists never let go until collaborating together on the album Grand Cru with the song “Tu Rêves” . One can say, it was one of the most anticipated feats in the rap fr. At the same time, the public knows that Deen’s flow blends perfectly with Nekfeu’s pen and vice versa. So we have the right to a successful piece … Who sends even more live! The proof on Skyrock .
Last week, Deen Burbigo ignited the premises of Skyrock for his Rap Planet. Like all the rappers who stick to the exercise, the member of L’Entourage did not hesitate to bring back all his friends to make this moment even crazier. So it’s no surprise that Nekfeu stood by his side story to make discover their feat “Tu Rêves” live . Almost 150,000 views in three days, the two rappers’ meeting made a nice buzz on YouTube. Not to mention the avalanche of blue inches that followed ( already more than 4000 if you want to know everything ). What we validate in melty is that the piece is as good or even better than the studio version. Like the S-Crew at the Zenith of Paris , Deen Burbigo has returned everything for his planet rap. Talent you said?