Nekfeu, Jok’air, Nemir … Deen Burbigo unveils the tracklist of his album

Entertainment 4 February, 2017

Deen Burbigo has unveiled the tracklist of his album. And as much to tell you right away: it looks very heavy.
In The Entourage, I ask Deen Burbigo! From the now famous group that meets particular Nekfeu, Alpha Wann, the S-Crew (soon to be on tour) or Jazzy Bazz, the original rapper Toulon should soon take a course in his career with the release of his first album . Named Grand Cru , it will have been able to do it simmer for months in order to have the desired outcome really. And for the coup, the rapper did not foutu to us reuniting some of the beautiful feathers of the Hexagon in featuring. A list of names that he has just revealed, and that you are left to discover below without further delay.
Nekfeu (which is currently in Los Angeles) , former member of the MZ Jok’air, Swiss Makala, Belgian Caballero, Nemir, his great buddy Entourage Eff Gee, brother Jehkyll, Big mo … They Will all be gathered on the 15 tracks of Grand cru, to offer us an avalanches of rhymes. We do not know about you, but at melty was already looking forward to that … For that, it will wait until 17 March, the release date of the album. On the meantime, to wait, we suggest you listen to the first single, “Let’s go” , the clip is visible by clicking here . And you, are you eager to discover Grand Cru, Deen Burbigo’s debut album?