Nekfeu, Jul, PNL … Top 10 best French rap albums of the year 2016

Entertainment 25 December, 2016

While the year 2016 has been rich in quality French rap albums, discover now our top 10. With Jul, PNL, but also Niro and Damso in.
10 – Shay, Jolie Garce
Everything comes in time to who knows to wait: 5 years after its first song, the Belgian rappeuse finally released her first album. Do not believe as long as the protected Booba (who suffered a nasty tackle by La Fouine in a ranking) turned thumbs meantime: during those five years, the member 92i label has worked like a desperate to find his style. Result? Pretty Bitch is a successful album, on which one atmosphere, thanks to the enormous tube that is “PMW” (30+ million views on Youtube at the time of this writing), which will take us Made to dance all summer. The 10th best rap album in French this year.
9 – Georgio, Hera
1 year after the very dark Blue Black , the young eighteenth rapper is back with Hera , a second album much brighter than the last. Although Georgio (which met last November) is still melancholy, it now seems calmer, less tormented by demons. We even hear him expressing hope and love: that is to say how his speech (and certainly his life) has changed. Accompanied by Angelo Foley, composer who has worked with Christine and the Queens, we can say that the rapper pen so special has definitely found his style, halfway between pop and rap. Result, one of the most successful projects of this year, and number 9 of our ranking of the best albums of 2016.
8 – Jul, Emotions
This year, the Marseille rapper has once again proved that he was the most productive MC of the French game by releasing 4 albums in a single year. Although this hyper-productivity inevitably has an impact on the quality of some pieces (we think for example in his latest album, The UFO, which we found disappointing but a hit in the charts after all) , it was also had the right to a few nuggets, including Emotions , one of the most successful rapper of Marseille albums. Even if his formula (instru dansante + sad lyrics) does not change one iota, it is clear that it always works, and that one gets made to have each time. Emotions is the eighth best rap album this year en perspective.
7 – Niro, The others
After Gold game , surprise album released last May Niro, which was also recently interviewed , chained live with a new skeud, Other . Proof that he is more inspired than jaja, and that he has a lot to say at the moment. And to pass messages, rapper Blois varies shape, breathes new life into the choice of his productions without betraying his music and his starting position. Despite a certain widening of his musical palette, Niro remains a city guy, straight in his boots, proud, and one of the most talented rappers of his generation. The seventh best album of French rap this year according to us.
6 – Dosseh, Yuri
10 years. And yes, we had to wait a full decade Dosseh (we met there two months) to finally sort his first real album. And for the coup, the brother of Pit Bacardi did things good by inviting on his disc a casting 4 stars (Booba, Nekfeu, Young Thug, Tory Lanez). Especially, while some reproached him for being a little too impersonal, here, the rapper of Orléans confides as never before. Finished the title of eternal rookie: he is now one of the major players of the game. With a lot of bangers and introspective songs, Yuri is a complete album, and the ninth of our French rap ranking of the best albums of 2016. Special mention to the feat with Nekfeu, we still will loop to the editorial ‘ .
5 – Kaaris, Okou Gnakouri
He had placed the bar high with the first two singles from the album ( “Blow” and “Nador” ). Although it is not as though these two singles gave hope, OG contains some nuggets on which means the K double A in a new and significant register ( “Tchoin” , “I’m perched” ), but also when he returns to what was its strength in its infancy ( “blood” , and especially the huge “Chaos” ). On this third album, Kaaris (who just released the Dust clip) tries new things, take risks. The result is sometimes a little wobbly, but it’s also so good at times he truste fifth place in our ranking.
4 – SCH, Anarchy
Having exploded with his mixtape A7 last year, CHS was back this year with this time his first album, Anarchy . Together with a marketing strategy totally different from the first project, much more soft (there was only one clip before the release of the CD), the rapper of Aubagne thus pushing people to go on the platforms of Streaming and in the Fnacs to listen to what was worth his first true skeud. And they did well: real lyrics deluge of unexpected flows and introspection, Anarchy is an extension of A7, the better. Despite some attempts a little missed, the CD is overall very good, especially when SCH leaves room for Julien Schwarzer, and that he addresses his torments and questions. Fourth in our ranking, it could well be on the next year given the heavy new single released by CHS.
3 – Damso, Low Battery
THE revelation of the year. Went from virtually unknown to rap star game in just 6 months, Damso (we interviewed this summer) has imposed his style suddenly flow very square and many hardcore lyrics, to the point of Booba and tickle Kaaris On their own land. Be careful though: limit the Belgian rapper with ego trip, it would be missing out on one of the best pieces of the saddest and most beautiful of 2016, the magnificent “Amnesia” . Composed in just weeks, Low Battery contains securities of a surprising maturity for a young rookie, which enable it to reach the third step of our podium.
2 – NLP, In the legend
The album of confirmation. After last year broke the game with the world chico , the two brothers from the city of Tarterêts were back at the end of the year. Always discreet (they still have not given an interview), their strategy of betting on their clips and some messages on social networks has once again proved paying, as evidenced by the different records they have beaten. Beyond their marketing skills, Ademo and NOS have mostly managed to do better than the world chico musically, which was not a foregone conclusion. Most successful, with successful experiments (such as “Bene”, soon to be clipped ), ever hovering and melancholy, both NLP brothers have once again made everyone agree. Special mention to “Until the last gram” , a masterpiece of introspection, where OUR book the best verse of his life. In the legend is second in our ranking.
1 – Nekfeu, Cyborg
Album surprise came the night of his concert at Bercy, with Cyborg, Nekfeu managed the feat of being the first of the charts without any promotion or any clip (for now). How can such a success be explained? Because this second album is simply excellent. First, the form: more successful musically that was light , the Parisian rapper found in Hugz Hefner, Hologram Lo, Diabi and all others who accompanied him in the design of this record (it is never makes enough tribute to beatmakers) a small team of geniuses sound capable of giving a true musical color, a real guideline, which perhaps lacked a bit in the past. On the rapological level now: whereas he sometimes shut himself up in schemes of rhyme a little school, Nek is totally out of that (hence the hashtag #Freerap?), And confides like never before had it Made before. Above all, he seems to really do what he wants, to no longer compromise. Cyborg is also a flow whirlwind of rhymes, introspection, very successful feats (particularly on “Saturn”) whose spring stunned but delighted. Simply the best French rap album of the year according to us. Do you agree with this ranking? What is the best French rap album of the year 2016 according to you?