Nekfeu remains silent, a new project in preparation?

Entertainment 18 May, 2017

While Nekfeu is currently very discreet on social networks, would he be working on a new Top Secret project?
In June 2015, Nekfeu released his first solo album, Feu . At that time, the little world of rap already knows him, he who released many albums in group (1995, L’Entourage …), on which he was able to demonstrate his talent. But the general public, he, discovers the Parisian rapper in the summer of 2015. Just like the major media, who particularly appreciate him, and who make him the new star of French rap. Have they done too much? However, following this sudden media coverage, the member of S-Crew decided to give less interview, as he entrusted it to our brother Mouloud Achour in a visible interview by clicking here . Since then, faithful to his remarks, the rapper has become very rare in the media, as on social networks, Where it posts fewer and fewer things over time. A technique of “less is more” pushed to its paroxysm last November, where he released Cyborg , his new album, by surprise. A risky tactic, which proved to be winning, since 7 months after the release of this new opus, Nekfeu is still in the 22nd place of the Top albums, behind SCH or Damso.
Was Nekfeu inspired by PNL (whose math problem was based on one of their songs) who never gave an interview, thus cultivating the mystery around them? The fact remains that the young rapper does not post almost anything, except when it is a matter of making promotion for one of his friends, show his last place of vacancy, or to do some advertising at An assoc. As a result, we do not know at all what he prepares us for the next, or even if he prepares something. Fortunately, before he became so stingy with info, he had released a few fairly explicit tweets, including the one you can see above, which dates from the beginning of last year. While his second solo album and the S-Crew’s second album were released, Would Nekfeu be working on the new 1995 album in the biggest secrets? Nothing says he has not changed his plans in the meantime. But if he stays true to what he had planned to do, and Deen Burbigo recently said that a new Entourage album was not planned for now, it was 1995 ‘He could make his big comeback … And do you think Nekfeu will come back to the front with 1995?