Nekfeu to cast a new film after All Separates

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

After Everything separates us with Catherine Deneuve, Nekfeu will soon be in the poster of a new film, The escape.
Last December, Nekfeu was making his big comeback with Cyborg . A new album released by surprise, which made its little good way in the charts, since Nekfeu has just left the Top albums, which is now squatted by his friends Damso, SCH and other Lacrim. The recipe for its success? His music obviously, but also his physique. Because yes, it must be admitted: Nekfeu, or Ken Samaras in real life, is rather of the kind beautiful kid. An asset that allows him to do something other than music, like the cinema for example, he who has just landed the lead role in the film L’Evasion.
“Ken Samaras plays the role of Anatole in my first film: the breakaway,” says Mathias Pardo’s Instagram account. As a young filmmaker, the director of the documentary Just Kids chose the rapper to play the first role of his first feature film. It is not the first, since Thierry Klifa also appealed to Nekfeu (who could prepare a new project in secret) , so that he plays in his film Tout nous separe, a feature film that includes Catherine Deneuve and Diane Kruger at the casting. A start of reconversion in sight for the rapper? Do you think Nekfeu is a good actor?