Nemo, the dog Emmanuel Macron ensures not to have urinated on the floor of the Elysée : interview WTF of Paris Match and Gala

Entertainment 21 December, 2017


Last summer, the presidential couple has adopted a dog at the SPA. Happy, young Labrador discovers the Elysée palace under the watchful eye of his masters. The magazine Paris Match back with humour on the day that Nemo has urinated on one of the chimneys of the Palace of the Elysee.

On August 27, 2017, Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte started to adopt a dog at the SPA. A black labrador cross griffon 2 years old had therefore made his entry into the Elysée. The young dog has quickly discovered the corridors of the Palace of the Republic and has even taken his ease. In the middle of a meeting with the members of the government, Nemo began to urinate on the fireplace. A behavior is something of a misnomer, who had a lot of laughs, the people present on that day, starting with the president of the Republic.

The magazine Paris Match has put himself in the skin of Nemo in order to know what that could feel the animal since he had left his sad life at the SPA for the Elysee Palace. About her little indiscretion, he said : “Sometimes, the fear of abandonment comes back to me and I stress. This is what happened to me when I urinated into the fireplace during a presidential meeting. I referred just : no blob fell on the floor, I would like to say ! “

Very quickly, Nemo has been able to adapt to the Elysee Palace. He especially likes frolicking in the courtyard of the Palace or in the gardens. Very loved by his owners, he is also sensation each time that a guest is welcomed to the Elysee. So no the dog’s life to finding Nemo.

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