Nerdy, Guillaume Canet?

Cinema 28 June, 2017

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It was necessary to dare! Dare to show this picture of the actor has been and plan-plan that palpated his ribs and consults a mйdecin for his pain in the testes. And when Guillaume Canet dйcide to play the autodйrision, it does а bottom! This has lancй the film “Rock’n’roll”? An interview with a journalist, who has made it clear to the quadra it will dйgageait not an image trus rock (mythical moment included in the film: “You are part of the actors more installйs, more rangйs, right?”).

“Rock’n Roll”
By and with Guillaume Canet. With Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche.
Film: ****
Bonus: ****

When he realizes that he is no longer the sex symbol he йtait, Guillaume Canet is prkt а anything to change his image: cooked with his friend Gilles Lellouche, bodybuilding, new look, attitude of a diva on set, posts rough on the rйseaux social… dйsespoir of frures Attal (its producer) and his wife, Marion Cotillard. Marion, who, in the film, don lвche not his accent quйbйcois to be prkte for the filming of the next Dolan. Marion, who, in truth, we had confiй in an interview that the comйdie йtait a dйfi for it: “It’s hard to be а both drфle and cordial.” Marion, who, when she sings “you love me still” faзon Cйline Dion, is а bend of laughter.

Then, be able to if Canet puts the dose at the risk of being sometimes a little heavy, it is a fan of this йnorme parody on the influence of the gaze of the other. The bonus offer some pйpites with scunes coupйes, including several minutes with Fanny Ardant, lover of Gilles Lellouche.

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Movie: ***
Bonus: **

“A few minutes after midnight”: When a monster tells tales atypical
And if there was no mйchants or gentiles? And first of all, why the tree (it took 200 drawings for him to find his appearance) he says his stories а Conor, incarnй by the gйnial Lewis MacDougall? To help а advance, may be… “a Few minutes after midnight” is a long mйtrage futй, beautiful and upsetting, а to put in front of all eyes. In the bonus, a version of the film to the nine Goya commentйe by the rйalisateur Spanish Juan Antonio Bayona (“The Orphanage”) and another by Patrick Ness, author of the novel original.
Film: ****
Bonus: ***