Netflix : the Defenders “sacrificed” to start a new feature dedicated to geeks

Cinema 19 September, 2018






It may well be that in secret, Netflix has quietly moved away from its platform in the series the Defenders in favour of a new category : NX.

That happened yesterday in behind-the-scenes of Netflix, so that suddenly the page Facebook of the seriesThe Defenders change, and take the name of NX ? To understand a little bit about the ins and outs of this story, it is necessary to go back, when the us platform decides to launch his series Daredevil. If the idea had first been fearing the worst after the failure of the movie Daredevil in 2003 with Ben Affleck, and then its spin-off Elektra in 2005 with Jennifer Garner, the result was very quickly delighted the audience and the critics.

In Face of so much success, it was logical for the giant SVoD to renew the adventures of the character for a second season (and a third now). But also the expansion of the universe. Shortly after, the spectators were able to discover the other series derived from the Marvel universe : Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, until The Punisher. And if none of them has really reached the popularity of Daredevil, their world super-heroic has truly won a place in the hearts of fans.


I know that I am the favorite of everyone


After the adventures in solo, Netflix has logically decided to gather his band of “avengers” to the small screen in a series crossover : The Defenders. Unfortunately, The Defenders failed to arouse the expected interest, and which was a dream come true for many quickly turned to the water flange. The family meeting would have even been one of the smallest audiences of the universe – even if Netflix doesn’t communicate formally on these figures.

If in 2015 The Defenders was presented as a series that is likely to have other seasons, the speech was quickly changed. One of the producers talking about the year after, as an event in the form of a mini-series, while Finn Jones and Krysten Ritter go in this direction, the interpreter of Jessica Jones going so far as to say that a second season was never mentioned.


Return of the evening, everyone home


The Defenders seem so far condemned to stay in their corners respective, as much as the launch of Disney Play, the streaming platform of Disney, could change things in the equation.

Still, the page Facebook official of the series there were still nearly 500,000 fans and to remove it would have been a waste. Netflix has sort of decided to sacrifice his page of the Defenders, clearly not a prorité currently, the benefit of NX, a new label dedicated to the geek community of the platform.


The first one that puts his mask pilou earns a season 3


NX, therefore, from the outset, with 500 000 subscribers, what is there to do a little pub, nice enough for a potential launch, but did not constitute too great a source of visibility, in the event of a failure. The trick would be, a priori, gone unnoticed if fans of The Defenders did not open the eye.

Still a little mysterious, NX will be a label that will label and will group together the movies and tv shows related to science fiction and the fantastic, as well as full-length animated films from comics or manga. On Twitter, Netflix has already shared a short teaser of what pointing to NX. The opportunity to see Stranger Things season 3, Castlevania season 2, or even Maniac, as well as new seasons of The Rain, The OA, or the suite Bright. And there is no doubt that the NX is will quickly find a little everywhere, on the huge success of Netflix.


Watch to the end, trust me.

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