New blow for Emmanuel Macron : his popularity ratings in free fall, it does less well that Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande – Gala

Entertainment 27 August, 2017


The popularity rating of Emmanuel Macron blames a decline of 14 points in the month of August. Only 40% of the French would be in favour of. A test for the new president who is significantly less well than its predecessors, with the same period of their mandate.

The holidays under the sun of marseille are already a distant memory to Emmanuel Macron, who begins a return to the bitter taste. While the cloth burns between the French president and the prime minister of poland, following his desire to reform the directive to posted workers, and that the right annoys his walkabout at le Touquet, he now has to wipe off a violent loss of popularity.

This was evidenced by a recent Ifop poll for the Journal du Dimanche (JDD). If in the month of June, Emmanuel Macron was recorded to be 64 % of favourable opinions, making it one of the best starts under the Fifth Republic, it has had more than 40 % in the month of August. Is a drop of 22 pointsof popularity.

Numbers in free-fall. And a record he would be all right : never at the end of three months of the mandate of a president had not been as “unpopular”. To the same period in 2012, François Hollande was credited with 54% of positive opinions , while Nicolas Sarkozy, to him, was 57%, in 2007. Fortunately, the president can rely on his wife Brigitte, whom she seduces every day more and more the French, for the support in these difficult times.

Emmanuel Macron

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