New Girl Season 6: Episode 6, fall in love with Jess hurts our critical

Cinema 16 November, 2016

After a few weeks off, New Girl is back with a 6 episode very funny and fresh. Jess is finally ready to turn the page and looking for a new love.

fox-new-girl-saison-6-episode-6-critiqueJess wakes up one morning with one thing in mind: it is ready to find love again . His troubles with Nick and his love triangle with Reagan, the young woman decides it’s time to turn the page above all his friends are in relationships that hold water and more remote. This is the time when Robbie decided to resurface. The former companion of Cece and Jess had already shared in the early season, when they founded a singles club, a sexual tension of the moment and it is almost obvious that it was he who was the first victim of Jess. There are no other words. For romance with it cost him. He finally broke the nose, broken teeth and knee exploded. Being in love with Jess has a price , especially heavy that it realizes in the end it does not take him. This plot so Jess revival in a new dynamic and that’s good because it clearly was treading water sentimentally speaking for a few episodes. And this is not the crossover of the season 6 of New Girl with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is critical to read melty, which will contradict us.
For their part, Nick, Winston and Cece get together for a double rather nice story. Nick, played by Jake Johnson , wants to concentrate on his novel and therefore offers a promotion to the recent bride who hired a new bartender at the physique. Still in the theme of the season, the writers of New Girl Cece offers a unique professional development. With the help of his two roommates, she should run in parallel to keep the bar in a modeling agent career. Rather, it is seen and this proves that they are ripening . Even Winston and Nick arrive to draw their pin of the game. Only Jess and Schmidt still behave like kids in this episode 6. Schmidt struggles with a little interesting story about being good about himself and his marriage. This is unfortunate because there was a plot that could have been important.
This return of New Girl is very funny in the end and lots of fun with our roommates, who nevertheless a large grain. Hopefully the next 2016 episodes are of the same ilk before diving into the war ships in the remainder of this season of New Girl 6 . In any case, we will not lie, Jess, Nick, Cece and the others we missed terribly for several weeks. We are very happy to see them and see that the series is still funny. Roll on the next episode because we want to see Jess other attempts to find a new love. What did you think of this episode of New Girl?