New Girl Season 7: Wedding of Nick and Jess, the baby of Cece and Shmidt … Everything we want to see before the end!

Cinema 22 May, 2017

It’s official, New Girl will come back for a 7th and final season. And we expect a lot!
Season 6 of New Girl has filled the fans of the series: This pregnant, Nick and Jess couple … Between marriage, baby and happiness, it was thought that this season would be the last. But surprise, just like the Scandal series that announced a season 7 , the Fox finally decided to postpone it with a new season for New Girl! This one will not follow the usual format, it will be composed of only 8 episodes, according to the twitter of Jake Johnson (Nick in the series). Returning planned for 2018, the crazy band of Zooey Deschanel (aka Jessica) still offers us some surprises. This is what we hope to see in this ultimate season!
Jess and Nick couple: And why not marriage?
The couple of Jess and Nick made us laugh and dream. As a couple for more than a year, they finally decided to separate, at the end of season 3. Since then, Nick had found love in Reagan’s arms (Megan Fox) and Jess had experienced some stormy stories, The image of his character. We had waited impatiently for the moment, the day when Nick would realize that Jess was her true soul mate. We would not be against an epic wedding between these two, do not you? While waiting for their return to the screen, let’s see your knowledge about their love story: Are you unbeatable about the couple Jess / Nick in New Girl ?
Cece and Schmidt: The baby!
At the beginning badly gone, Cece and Schmidt ended up forming THE couple of New Girl . And the least we can say is that they have come a long way: after a dream wedding, the purchase of their house, Cece and Schmidt are now waiting for a child! We can not wait to see their little piece of cabbage!
Winston finally left his cat for great love: Aly, his partner cop! After a touching request for marriage, we are waiting for the ceremony with great pomp in season 7. We would also like to attend the meeting of Winston and his father, whose coordinates he has just found. This combo wouThe dream roommate!
After having flicked here and there, the hour is changing! Wedding, baby, work = moving. While Cece and Schmidt have already left the nest, there is concern that the Loft will be destroyed with a possible marriage between Winston / Aly and Nick / Jess. Are we the only ones to dream that all the characters in the series buy a house and live together as at the beginning?
Laughter and surprises
We all laughed at the tears and we obviously attached ourselves to Jess and his band over the seasons . Each character has grown up, all have a partner and a professional situation, the loop seems to be complete. We are waiting for the baby of Cece and Schmidt, the wedding of Winston and Aly and the comeback of Nick and Jess. Rather predictable as an end, right? We hope that the production will surprise us: Happy end or not? And you, what would you like to see in season 7 of New Girl?