New movies and series to watch on Netflix this weekend

Cinema 21 September, 2018






Netflix balance at any number of films and series in its catalog each week, without note necessarily immediately or the platform to do the announcement formally. Each week-end, Wide-Screen will be up on few of the titles added by Netflix in its catalogue, movies and series, combined, original or not, in a non-exhaustive list.

So, what are the movies and series not to be missed this weekend on the streaming platform ?




It’s about what ? Two strangers in difficulty are encountered during a clinical trial mind-blowing led by a doctor who has probl_mes with his mother and a computer emotional.

Why it is necessary to look ? A series cynic as well as a pitch totally delirious, directed by Cary Fukunaga, scripted by Patrick Somerville, and performed by Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Justin Theroux or even Sally Field. Is it really necessary to explain why it is absolutely necessary to throw on the dark comedy, depressed, between delirium, fantasy, and psychological studies that is Maniac after all that ? The mini series contains 10 episodes and is as touching as enjoyable, enchanting as offset. Certainly, the essential of the week !

Our critique of the first three episodes. The very positive balance happens very quickly.




It’s about what ? The perennial survivor Sidney Prescott, now the author of books of personal development, returns to her home town of Woodsboro in this new installment of Scream.

Why it is necessary to look ? Released in 1997 at us, Scream the first name was a hit of monumental in the rooms. The killer, nicknamed “Ghostface”, has very quickly made to become an icon of the slasher. What, give to its director, Wes Craven ideas of suites. So here we are in front of Scream 4, released in 2011, the last opus of the saga and, incidentally, the most missed of all the franchise. With a flop big enough at the box office domestic (38.1 million) but with a relative score of 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, Scream 4 has managed to keep positive with the charm of Scream 2. We like to return in the neighborhoods of Woodsboro, find Neve Campbell in the role of Sidney Prescott, or David Arquette in the skin of Dwight Riley. In short, Scream 4 not exceptional, but effective for those who are nostalgic of the saga.


Neve Campbell is back



It’s about what ? When a young mother stabbed to death for no reason a stranger, an inspector tries to uncover the mystery surrounding her memory loss.

Why it is necessary to look ? Boasting a format that is short enough for eight small episodes, this first season of The Sinner is frighteningly efficient. Launched by a pilot on the impact pest, the series of Derek Simonds reveals himself to be a survey of psychological exciting, intriguing and particularly poignant. The opportunity for Jessica Biel to shine again on-screen (named for the Golden Globes and Emmys for his role) alongside the excellent Bill Pullman.




It’s about what ? A young couple in crisis travels to a family home isolated, to try to reconcile. But the three strangers hidden will take them, and rush into a night of terror.

Why it is necessary to look at ? The Strangers deserves its status as a small cult film. He met a nice success in 2008 (more than 82 million at the box office for a budget of 9 million) to the point of law to a suite recently, titled The Strangers : Prey at Night. With three pieces of twine (a house, two players, multiple masks), the writer / director Bryan Bertino manages to concoct a small nightmare although modest, but devilishly effective. In reviving the classical ideas of the kind of home invasion, with the intention of taking a movie of bitter and black, The Strangers comes out with honors. The talent of Liv Tyler, whose face prints on the terror in an economy of dialog, plays a big part.


Liv or Die for Tyler ?



It’s about what ? The doll murderous Chucky gets help from his son, Glen, a doll as vengeful as his father, and Tiffany, the “woman” of the Glen, blood-thirsty.

Why it is necessary to look at ? If we were talking about Scream 4 as the worst of his saga, The Son of Chucky is not far away not over the disaster. Yet all started well, in 1989 with the release of child’s Play, the first installment of the adventures of the ugly doll (which certainly has terrified many of us). The result did came out not too bad between Chucky, the doll of blood (1991) and then returned under a classification R-Rated in Chucky 3, went down in limbo with The Bride of Chucky and was even more wrong with The Son of Chucky (2004). However, we would always recommend you the saga of the original including his fourth pane that you do watch the last two episodes : The Curse of Chucky and The Return of Chucky (finally we had liked when even true).




The Unknown lake, Quincy, the 3 season of 12 Monkeys