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Health 1 January, 2018


Published on 01.01.2018 to 09: 00


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It is always said that January 1st is the best date to make good resolutions such as to lose quickly the kilos piled up at the beginning of the winter and during the festival. Be loyal, kind to his spouse, patient with his children. Or drink less and stop smoking.
Moreover, the sale of nicotine patches or consultations anti-tobacco are there to confirm that it is necessary to take advantage of these key moments, where decisions seem to be easier to take.

Two addictions different

You will have noticed that I said drink less and stop smoking. And not the reverse. Because it involves dependency problems different. It is known that it is not necessary to a number of cigarettes very high, to find himself dependent. We also know that by smoking low doses remain dangerous even if, the more one smokes, the more one is at risk. Moreover, the cancers of passive smokers remind us that it is possible to risk his life when working in contact with the tobacco – in a bar, for example – or when one lives with a very heavy smoker. The studies on this subject long taboo are unrelenting.

Alcohol is still alcohol

For alcohol, the problem is different. Without falling into this outrageous campaign of some of our politicians – who are also in their ranks of doctors – to authorize the advertising for products of the vine, in particular to raise awareness among teenagers, it is true that the daily consumption of alcoholic beverages – and not only wine, as we like to believe in France – doesn’t cause addiction or health problem ! It seems – and this is work that seriously the claim that the low alcohol consumption has a beneficial effect on our heart and our vessels.

More chances to win than the lottery

But it should also be remembered that the so-called low doses : less than 3 glasses of wine per day for men and two for women. Beyond the health problems can begin and the benefits are swamped by the disadvantages. It is for this reason that one can say that it takes less to drink and not drink no more. It is also an excellent test to measure his own addiction. Any person who fails to limit his consumption, for example on 4 weeks, is dependent and must consult.

See you in February for the drinkers. In contrast to the addicts of the cigarette, not alternatives to a sudden stop, helped or not by the patches, gum, acupuncture, or hypnosis. It’s better than the lottery, even if it is said that it is difficult, there will be still 30% to 40% of winners.