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Entertainment 27 August, 2017


The former head of State has given his first interview since his defeat at the primary of the right. It is the newspaper of the students of Sciences Po who has had the privilege to be at the forefront of this return to media, placed under the sign of philosophy.

The former tenant of the Elysée palace is finally out of his silence. Evidenced by the interview he granted to the Emile Boutmy magazine, newspaper association of Sciences Po. If the interview was conducted on the 17th of July last, the latter seems to be a month later, full-back policy.

To believe the words of Nicolas Sarkozy, the fiasco of the primaries of the right, which welcomes Carla Bruni, he has served as a lesson. Like all his defeats elsewhere. In his eyes, it is especially necessary to know how to question it and keep moving forward. “ Failure is never disappointing. The success often is, if only because it goes by very quickly. In addition, people do look at you not, they look at the sun, the light. In the failure, it is you they are looking at. I don’t care no recollection of my success, I recall very accurate from my failures. There is no nobility if we didn’t lose”. Before adding : “I have known failure, but it is necessary to live, referring this time to his defeat to Francois Hollande in presidential elections in 2012.

Today, for the retired of the political life, after the Élysée it is especially “a life that continues. I’ve lived, I’ve breathed, I’ve liked, I’m beaten before being President, so I continued it after. It is the exterior that makes a hyphenation. You believe that life begins when we come to the Elysée, and that it stops when you get out of it? I’m like the hero of Dostoevsky in Crime and punishment : “The renaissance slow but sure “. It is reborn of professional failure, a failure…”he concludes.

Nicolas Sarkozy

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