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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


In a big fan of the PSG, the former president of the Republic was invited to the Monday, January 22, in the issuance of “Team evening” on the channel The Team. And during the evening, Nicolas Sakozy has received two yellow cards.

Nicolas Sakozy is passionate about football and especially the team of Paris Saint-Germain. It is not uncommon to see the former president of the Republic in the stands at the stadiums to watch matches and in particular at the Parc des Princes where he has to cross his former daughter-in-law Capucine Anav. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that, for his 2.000 th broadcast, “The Team of the night” has decided to invite the former head of State to comment on the sports news.

Nicolas Sarkozy – who confirmed that he had never wanted to become the president of the PSG – has given his opinion on the player brazilian Neymar, on the sale of the PSG in 2011 with the Qatari or on his fondest memories in football. But the former president of the Republic has received two yellow cards during the show. A process put in place by the presenter Olivier Ménard to remind the order of its columnists and guests : “Some reviewers give it a little bit too much mood and not enough substance. So, when this last does too much, I pull out a red card, ” he explained to the Figaro in 2016.

The result, Nicolas Sarkozy has received a first warning after accused the other chroniclers to have doubted of the arrival of Neymar at PSG. He even ended up behind bars ! In any case, despite its small deviations of conduct, Nicolas Sarkozy was unanimous in its role of sports columnist. On the social networks, internet users have obviously been convinced by his interventions.

Those who had requested the

— Sachrod (@Pietro_to) January 22, 2018

Yellow card for @NicolasSarkozy !

— The evening TEAM (@lequipedusoir) January 22, 2018

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