Nikos Aliagas is still wearing the same boxer when he makes a big issue ” – Gala

Entertainment 21 August, 2017


Christophe Beaugrand, always quick with a joke, revealed to the magazine TV Large Chains the lucky Nikos Aliagas : his boxer red ! To each his amulets…

Never give a secret to Christophe Beaugrand. The host of Secret Story has the tendency to reveal everything. Interviewed by TV Big Chains, Christophe Beaugrand has delivered the small superstitions of his colleague Nikos Aliagas. When it must present a live broadcast or that he has an important appointment, the host of The Voice is always a pair of boxers or boxer color red. And when the issue is very important, it even has its fetish model. “Nikos has the same boxer when he makes a big issue. And as they do a lot…”, tells Christophe Beaugrand with a sense of humor.

Nikos Aliagas is inspired by-t-he tips of Capucine Anav to be able to still put on the same underwear ? The ex-columnist of the Key not at my post, follower of the same door-to happiness, has recently recounted the anecdote on C8 : “When I do a show and it works well, has good hearing, the next day I don’t change my underwear […] It is not disgusting because I have the washing by hand.” Everything is explained.

Christophe Beaugrand did not share his own little secrets. For the premium of the next season of Secret Story , which begins on the 21st of August, and maybe inspire-t-il de Nikos Aliagas and Capucine Anav for him to bring luck.

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