Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom as a couple? The first details about their relationship unveiled

Entertainment 16 April, 2017

Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom are probably the next couple in vogue of the people sphere. Besides, we reveal more about their relationship!
Recently, the editor of Melty taught you that Nina Dobrev was in a couple with a famous actor who is none other than Orlando Bloom . At last … If one believes the latest rumors that madden the Web, the beautiful brown would have succumbed to the charm of the actress. The suspicions of idyll between the two celebrities began when they were seen very close to the premiere of The Promise . While no one expected it, Elena Gilbert ‘s interpreter in The Vampire Diaries and Katy Perry’ s former boyfriend were very complicit in the streets of Los Angeles . However, It has not taken long for Internet users to ignite on social networks. Is the 40-year-old comedian the new boyfriend of Nina Dobrev? Apparently yes ! And we have the very first details about this nascent romance …
Are Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom the newest couple in Hollywood ? According to statements from a source at People , it seems that this is the case! So the two celebrities would have started a relationship recently, and this, in all simplicity. “They have known each other for a long time now, and recently they started to hang out together and they became more than just friends, they do not take themselves seriously, ” says the informant. An idyll that would make her dream more than one if she came to concretize! In any case, there are new revelations that are likely to arouse strong reactions in fans. And if, We are still waiting for Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom to formalize their couple, to the editing of melty, we already believe in it and we explain to you why. And you, do you think Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom are together?