Nina Dobrev calls her fans for help on Instagram

Entertainment 24 May, 2017

Recently, Nina Dobrev was posting a picture via her Instagram account where she was calling her fans for help. But why ?
Nina Dobrev always has a lot of projects in mind, be it professional or personal. The star lives at 100 an hour! However, if she recently presented a new project, it was revealed that Nina Dobrev could soon stop her career as an actress . Indeed, surprising revelations affirm that the former girlfriend of Ian Somerhalder would like to move away from the sets of turning to dedicate itself to the sport. It must be said that Nina Dobrev would have every chance of succeeding in undertaking a sports career, the star was a high-level gymnast before concentrating on comedy. However, it is not this career change that worries the young woman’s fans . While Nina Dobrev is very present on the social networks, She recently asked for help via her Instagram account . The editorial of melty explains all the details!
Nina Dobrev launched a call for help to her fans via Instagram to make them a joke while having fun playing puns. Would you ever have doubted Nina Dobrev’s humor? “Stopped for a (photo) shoot in the prison of beauty, send help ,” she wrote in legend a picture on which it can be seen not in orange suit but with curlers and Sip a cold drink. Yes, it was obviously a joke of Nina Dobrev! This new photoshoot of the actress looks a bit dark, rock but also very sensual . The star never fails to share his daily life with his fans and likes to make them laugh. Nina Dobrev is also hilarious and adorable with her puppy that she never leaves. And you, what do you think of these first shot of the new photoshoot of Nina Dobrev?