Nina Dobrev copied by Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars)

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

Nina Dobrev is an it-girl to follow and Shay Mitchell understood it. The Pretty Little Liars star has adopted the same trend as the former actress of The Vampire Diaries. Find out which!
Nina Dobrev is on everyone’s lips. Its status it-girl is no longer in doubt and the young woman shows us every day his innate sense for fashion . It adopts all trends and is not afraid of change. There are some days, when the First London xXx Reactivated, Nina Dobrev has radically changed look and one can only agree. The former actress of The Vampire Diaries bade farewell to her long hair of dream to adopt a square top trend that suited her perfectly. Besides, the new haircut is so much that Shay Mitchell, star of Pretty Little Liars has also succumbed to the temptation the next day! Look at the photos immediately.
That change for 2017. When needed, the women pass by the hairdresser box and this is what makes Nina Dobrev and Shay Mitchell. The two actresses who owned hair to make her jealous any girl have sold their lengths to adopt a square top trend . In addition to this common point, they are both sublime and this change succeeded. Moreover, Shay Mitchell is almost unrecognizable with this new cut! In any case, the two brunettes did not have cold eyes and dared cut short for this new year. What a transformation. What will be the next star to succumb to the square? While waiting to find out, discover the 5 things we would like poking Nina Dobrev! What do you think of their new look?
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