Nina Dobrev goes adventure and puts her life in danger

Entertainment 26 June, 2017

It is a new titanic project in which Nina Dobrev has embarked. If she has gone on an adventure, she is not afraid to risk her life and put herself in perilous situations …
There’s no need to say, but Nina Dobrev is not cold. The former actress of The Vampire Diaries has never hidden her addiction to thrills and her new incredible project seems to confirm it once again. After appearing very close to Glen Powell in New York, Nina Dobrev flew away, without Mrs Maverick, to Hawaii for a whole new challenge. Accompanied by several of her friends, she is currently shooting a documentary about the environment and how to preserve it. As we know, Nina Dobrev has always been very committed to safeguarding the planet and she has not hesitated to put her life in danger for this titanic project.
Swim with sharks, play sports all day or go out to meet the oldest turtles in Hawaii … Nina Dobrev is more than just starting out. For several weeks, the pretty brunette left a few days to shoot a documentary about the environment, entitled Our Planet 360 . The importance of preserving the Earth and its oceans is a cause for which the star has been involved for a long time. For Nina Dobrev, the recipe for happiness is that of traveling and transcending oneself. In any case, it is once again what she did by going on an adventure with a smile on her face. One thing is for sure, Nina Dobrev is a true model for her fans.