Nina Dobrev: “I’m no longer single”

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

Nina Dobrev has created a real frenzy on the Internet. The ex-star of The Vampire Diaries trapped herself by revealing that she was no longer single in a video. Discover it immediately!
Everything smiles to Nina Dobrev and it must be believed that his sentimental life is at the top. The sublime actress spends a dream vacation with friends and she shares her daily life with her fans. However, one of his videos has created a huge buzz on Instagram . The actress shared an absolutely adorable moment with a chimpanzee where she gave him food. The animal quickly rebounded, finding a new hobby much more fun, that of unzipping its hooded sweatshirt. Nina Dobrev, who was in tears on Instagram , remained gaping at his game. But it was also a message that all fans have noticed. She said she was no longer single .. . Big blunder or new joke?
While the chimpanzee was playing, Nina Dobrev, who spent a fun Christmas Eve , blurted size information. She said she was “off the market” , which therefore means that it is no longer single . Legend of his video, the young woman commented: “I JUST said I was out of the market, and this guy tried a shot he did not even try to invite me to dinner first. . It is typically a guy . “. One thing for sure is that Nina Dobrev has not lost his great sense of humor. But a big question intrigues us. Who is she talking about? Who is the lucky one? In any case, the former actress of The Vampire Diaries no longer seems to be a heart to take in 2017. Case to follow! With whom could Nina Dobrev be a couple?
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