Nina Dobrev more and more popular on the Web?

Entertainment 3 February, 2017

Would his shattering return in the series The Vampire Diaries be the cause of his growing popularity on social networks?
New records ? Nina Dobrev is part of our Top People of January , and we understand why. The 27-year-old actress who plays around the world keeps seeing her popularity climb on the Web. Admittedly comeback in the season 8 of The Vampire Diaries has not gone unnoticed, quite the contrary. The fans were delighted with his appearance, and had been able to discover the backstage of the series thanks to the star. And on social networks, the pretty brunette is also unanimous. Yes, Nina does not really know bad buzz and lynchages, but rather compliments and “like” galore and for proof. His last posts have literally cardboard and his community grows day by day!
If you diligently follow the star on social networks, you are aware that his followers on Instagram are becoming more numerous. In no time, Nina Dobrev that would couple with Glen Powell , reached the 11, 2 million followers, no less. But what especially attracted our attention is the number of “like” collected on his last pictures. The screenplay for The Vampire Diaries him being Derstine for example, has broken all records with more than 1.8 million “likes” . A second photo where one discovers the star photo shoot for a magazine cover, has also proved popular with nearly a million “like” . You will have understood, never before had the actress had as much success on the Web, and for that, we congratulate her! And you, do you follow Nina Dobrev on social networks?
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