Nina Dobrev: Orlando Bloom, she admires him for a long time

Entertainment 27 April, 2017

Nina Dobrev is a longtime fan of Orlando Bloom! The young woman has followed the career of her darling since her beginnings …
The first details about the relationship between Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom were unveiled ! According to a source from People magazine , the two stars are together: “They’ve known each other for a long time now.” Recently, they started to hang out together and they became more than just friends. Do not take themselves seriously ” . A nascent idyll that is already dreaming of many fans! If the two stars aroused much curiosity since their liaison was made public, they do not play the game of the media and remain discrete. But today Nina Dobrev shared an anecdote that shows that she had spotted Orlando Bloom for a long time! In fact the actor has pierced thanks to its role of the ”
Indeed, Nina Dobrev said: “I was drying the classes every day when a Lord of the Rings came out. Me and my friends tried to learn the language of the elves with a book called ‘How to Learn Elven on your own’. I had forgotten all that, but it was great, I read all the books . ” Now she can rely on Orlando Bloom to give her classes! But if the romance between the two actors enchants their fans, there is one that does not like: Katy Perry is angry since she learned that Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom were a couple ! The singer crossed her ex at a party, and if we believe a source of People , Would have simply snubbed and would have done everything to avoid it. Not enough to start the morale of the actor, who turned the page. As for Nina Dobrev, she found not one but two new loves in her life, since she has just adopted an adorable puppy. No doubt, we do not have to worry about it! What do you think of Nina Dobrev’s revelations?