Nina Dobrev plays La La Land for her birthday!

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

When there are no more, there are still some. To celebrate her birthday, Nina Dobrev opted for an umpteenth but this time under the theme of La La Land.
The big day is coming! This Wednesday, we will have to rush into the dark rooms to discover the most anticipated film of the year. Yes, as you know meltynautes, American success, La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone arrives at the cinema . To all dreamers, this little gem will please you for sure! In any case, if there is indeed a person who seems to have loved the film, it is Nina Dobrev. Back in Los Angeles after his promotional tour for the film xXx: Reactivated , the young woman regained her friends to celebrate her birthday. If her birthday was on January 9, the actress is still celebrating her 28th birthday. For another fun evening, the sublime Nina Dobrev opted for the theme … brace yourself … La La Land . One thing is certain, she had found the ideal outfit.
Is Nina Dobrev is not tired to celebrate his birthday? For more than two weeks, the star never ceases to chain the evening for her 28 years. This time, it is in the company of all her closest friends that the beautiful festive. Addicted to the movie La La Land , Nina Dobrev opted for a retro super sexy outfit. Everyone obviously played the game. The star did not hesitate to reproduce the famous step of dance of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Anyway, Nina Dobrev seems well exploded during this umpteenth party … maybe even too much. On one of her latest Insta pictures, she admits to being slightly hungover. The best remedy? Brunch of course!
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