Nina Dobrev ready to stop her acting career? The amazing revelations!

Entertainment 24 May, 2017

Nina Dobrev is a film director. She is a film maker and actor.
Exit Orlando Bloom, Nina Dobrev would now be a couple with Glen Powell . Yes, when nobody expected it, the actress was very close to the beautiful brown. A photo that did not fail to make the buzz on the Web. Fans of the star then quickly wondered if she had found love in the arms of the actor. A question to which they are still waiting for an answer. For cause, Nina Dobrev prefers to remain secret about her love life. However, she still takes time to share many aspects of her daily life on social networks. From her trips between friends to her professional projects, the pretty brunette is revealed to the natural and its subscribers adore.
According to the website Celeb Dirty Laundry , Nina Dobrev is about to gently say goodbye to comedy to become a fitness expert . The reason ? You may have noticed it, but the young woman is less and less present on the set and turns out much more with sports clothes. This is reflected in his latest collaboration with the Reebok brand at the Coachella festival . According to the American tabloid, the pretty brunette would seriously consider the idea and would even be examining her next options if her career at the cinema was to end. Several sources close to the star would also be persuaded that it would be more successful as a ” Expert in well-being than on the big screen. But can we really believe in these revelations? Business to follow! For the moment, these are only suppositions but it’s a safe bet that Nina Dobrev who recently teased a new project on Instagram , just begins her rise in the seventh art. In any case, we wish him! And you, do you imagine Nina Dobrev becoming a fitness expert?