Nina Dobrev reveals an unexpected talent on Instagram

Entertainment 30 May, 2017

Nina Dobrev impresses her fans on Instagram! The young woman unveils her new talent …
Is Nina Dobrev ready to stop her career ? This is the rumor of the week! According to the Celeb Dirty Laundry site , the young woman may well change dramatically despite her success in Hollywood. But that his fans reassure, it is only a rumor. However if one day Nina Dobrev wants to reconvert, she will always be able to try the circus trades! Indeed, the ex of Ian Somerhalder posted several very original videos on Instagram, where it can be seen to try to trapeze . And the least we can say is that she is doing very well! Nina Dobrev performs several rather complicated figures, before making a landing a little less glamorous but very entertaining.
Indeed Nina Dobrev is an addict of yoga and fitness! The young woman is a sports buff, and it shows. Moreover the beautiful is now a muse of the brand Reebok and does not hesitate to give advice to fans to keep fit. But she is not ready to renounce her acting career! Indeed since her departure from the series The Vampire Diaries , the young woman continues the roles in the cinema. Between blockbusters and more independent projects, the pretty brunette leads her boat to Hollywood! And she can count on the support of her admirers. For proof Nina Donbrev recently called her fans to help on Instagram , and they replied present!