Nina Dobrev teases her new project on Instagram

Entertainment 12 May, 2017

Nina Dobrev has not finished making us dream! The actress unveils her new project on Instagram …
Exit Orlando Bloom, Nina Dobrev would now be a couple with Glen Powell ! The actor of Pirates of the Caribbean and the pretty brunette were photographed very close to each other, and doubt no longer seems allowed. If the two stars are accomplices for years, the way they entwine on the cliché that makes the buzz is not friendly. And if the love life of Nina Dovrev knows changes, her professional life too! Indeed the ex of Ian Somerhalder connects the projects since its departure from the series The Vampires Diaries . After completing the shooting of the science-fiction and horror film Flatliners , Nina Dobrev has just started the one of Departures . A highly anticipated dramatic comedy in which she plays alongside the star of Game of Thrones , Maisie Williams, and Asa Butterfield. The actress of xXx Reactivated is obviously very excited by this new project, and she wanted to share her enthusiasm with her fans on Instagram.
Indeed Nina Dobrev shared a picture of the technical team of the film after the first day of the shoot. The young woman knows that leaving the Vampire Diaries well before the end of the series was a risky bet, but it seems that she does not regret her choice: since the end of the series the pretty brunette does everything to dissociate itself from this role Which nevertheless brought him great success. The message is clear, Nina Dobrev no longer wants to be compared to Elena Gilbert, the main character of The Vampire Diaries (and probably even less to Katherine). The star has even recently cut her hair to change her image and “make more woman” , thus avoiding being eternally associated with the heroine of the series.