Nina Dobrev tired of celebrating her birthday?

Entertainment 15 January, 2017

In the space of a few days, Nina Dobrev celebrated her birthday several times … maybe even too many times!
The success looks promising! In a few days, the action movie xXx: Reactivated with Nina Dobrev released in theaters. It is in a whole new role in which we do not expect that we will find the young woman. Anyway, stay tuned because meltynautes several surprises await you in the week … Meanwhile, Nina Dobrev is currently a break in his schedule loaded. After attending the film premiere in London, the pretty brunette is back home in Los Angeles. This is the occasion to celebrate, once again his birthday. You know how many cakes Nina Dobrev she has tasted in the space of a few days to celebrate his bday?
On 9 January Nina Dobrev celebrated its 28 years . Obviously, the cast of xXx had a little surprise for the actress. Between celebrations and cuttings of cakes, the pretty brunette celebrated her birthday as it should! But now, we know, Nina Dobrev has a lot … a lot of friends! For the moment, it is discovered that it has feasted no less than 11 times in just a few days. Moreover, in her latest story about Instagram, she cuts her eleventh cake with a lot of humor. Anyway, Nina Dobrev is always full of life and very cheerful and that is what his fans like home.
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