NLP: A new clip coming soon? This message announces heavy

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

Rather discrete lately, PNL could make a lot of noise in the days to come with a brand new clip from the album Dans la legende.
The two brothers Ademo and NOS do not give too much news lately on social networks. After the carton of their album In legend and success of their clips “Naha” and “Onizuka” , rappers from the city Tarterêts in Essonne experienced monumental glory, making their rap about the new favorite Information channels. Today, even Booba listen to their music and would be willing to work with them . Even if the bellows seems to fall back, do not believe that they have finished with their album. The two new stars are about to reveal a new project shortly .
Just a few weeks on Twitter, NLP, that would represent us well at Eurovision 2017 teasait the release of a new video. In full shooting since, this new video would be about to see the day. In a message posted few hours earlier, they announce that their project may be very painful. In the corridors, there is already talk of following the first two videos, which would be the title “Bene” . Clues were revealed with “Naha” , where two football shirts bore the inscriptions “Onizuka” and “Bene” . A logical sequence therefore, which should reach us soon, before perhaps the official announcement of their tour. Do you look forward to discovering the new PNL clip?