NLP in schools, a math check was based on their songs

Entertainment 18 May, 2017

In this high school, a teacher based his math control around NLP songs, look!
Who said that one of the most popular rap duos of the moment could not infiltrate the school benches – anywhere else than in phones? After their cancellation at Coachella has made a buzz around the world, NLP keeps getting talk about them. While a handful of gigs were unveiled some time ago, we discover that NOS and Ademo are not only present in your playlists but also in the heart of your school curriculum. This is at least the case for the students of First ES of a high school of the 78 who discovered the presence of the duo PNL in their copies of mathematics !
In order to attract the attention of his pupils and improve their abilities in maths, this high school teacher decided to focus his subject around the duo originating from Corbeil-Essonnes during an evaluation. The pupils had to classify the NLP titles according to their length, and calculate the average duration of a song in the last album of the duet, Dans La Legende! This is not the first time that the duo finds himself in a duty of mathematics. Last November, a 4th class had to perform a duty geometry in which the triangles were named SCH and NLP (that make them the top left album of the week alongside Nekfeu, Damso and others. What do Of this learning technique?
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